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Our Award-Winning Team

Over the past five decades, Ausonio Incorporated has served Salinas in Monterey as well as San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. During this time our commercial construction company has won a series of prized awards, the latest one being the Excellence in Design award granted by the American Buildings Company. One year before that, we received two distinct awards: The Constructor Award for Techniques And Innovation In Construction materials awarded by California’s AGC and the Tilt-Up Achievement Award. These prizes, the solid portfolio and our track record - along with our numerous customer testimonials and reviews - make us believe that we are truly the best in our industry. We always put quality first, as we believe that customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of every construction company.

LEED Consultants | California

Our LEED consultants are accredited in the latest methods of construction and development; this means we understand all of the latest techniques, methods, and have all the necessary training to do construction on any type of structure.

No matter what kind of project you need done or what new construction development you hire us to build, when you choose to utilize the LEED consultant services of Ausonio Incorporated in Monterey, you can rest assured you are going to receive the highest quality work. We stand behind the quality of work that we design and build.

Monterey, Santa Cruz & San Benito

Ausonio is California's premier Design & Build Specialist. We bring an interdisciplinary approach to our construction projects and apply a method of construction management that provides ongoing accountability.

We work with property owners and architects to develop specifications that help control costs while maintaining the quality in our projects. Andrew Ausonio and our dedicated team offer an extensive set of skills, with experience in many different kinds of building projects, both commercial and residential. Not only are we associated with 30% of the LEED projects in Salinas and Monterey County, but we have proudly serviced Santa Cruz and San Benito County for over five decades.

Our Working Processin 3 steps

Our reputation has been built off of experience, expertise, professionalism and customer care. Every project is different and we give the finest attention to detail - until completion.


Planning & Strategy

Our project management staff works closely with you to ensure your ideas are realized in every design.

Design & Develop

Our staff will develop a design that is a cost effective combination of client and designers ideas.

Inspect & Deliver

Once a project is completed, you can rest assured that the completed project is fully inspected and safe.