Green Building Contractors

Green Building Contractors

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Ausonio is a green building contractor and an eco-friendly construction specialist serving clients in and around Salinas and Monterey, CA. Not only is our construction company associated with 30% of the LEED projects in Monterey County, but we also specialize in green construction and the latest eco-friendly design and build innovations.

Why Green Construction & Remodels?

  • You are helping the environment by eliminating many toxic chemicals and pollutants with cleaner products used in the construction phase.
  • A “green” building can substantially cut back on the operational costs for the business; so, not only are you doing good for the environment, but as a business owner, you are also doing good to cut back on expenses for your business as well.
  • Increased comfort and better health for the occupants of the building or for the workers who are exposed to that building daily.
  • As more and more companies are choosing to “go green,” it is greatly going to increase the resale value of the building when you decide to sell since it is made with sustainable materials and is a safer environment for those who will be in the building day in and day out.

Buildings For A Healthy, Sustainable Future

As an environmentally conscious client, you want to know that your green builder is using sustainable materials and methods along the way. Our green building contractors and construction project managers can handle any project, big or small, in a way that is eco-friendly while still checking all the boxes on your beauty and functionality wish list. As a member of the Monterey Bay Green Business Program, our company has committed to providing a healthier, sustainable future.

Environmentally Friendly Construction

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality project, and construction work, without compromising the earth’s integrity with pollutants and other harmful chemicals. With the latest technologies and advancements, we have the capabilities to do work that could not have been done years ago, and we can complete any job without having to use toxic chemicals or harmful equipment along the way.

Green Building

LEED Commercial Contractor

At Chartwell School in Seaside, CA, we implemented many Green Building programs. While numerous commercial contractors have built LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings, Ausonio’s construction of Chartwell School has earned it a LEED Platinum status, the highest honor.

Supporting Education

As a member of the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS), we are dedicated to designing and building schools that support the most effective learning environment, and Chartwell is featured by CHPS as one of its model schools.

Ausonio is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, with LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, as well as certified Green Building Professionals. Our team offers the experience you need to select Green Building options that are the most cost-effective and appropriate for your project.

Responsible & Reliable

Whether you are trying to do good for the environment, save on operational costs in your building, or a combination of both, a green building contractor, like Ausonio in the Bay Area, is going to be able to help accomplish these goals. For the best development, a solid foundation, and a building structure that meets your business goals near Salinas or anywhere in the Tri-County area, call us to start your project.

Hire A California Green Building Contractor

If you need construction management or green building services in the Monterey, San Benito, or Santa Cruz counties, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to speak with you.

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