Restaurant Construction

Restaurant Construction

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No one knows restaurant construction better than Ausonio of Salinas, CA. We are the largest company on the central coast offering design-build construction. You can trust our general contractors to take your dreams to the next level with care, expertise, and efficiency.


As experienced commercial restaurant contractors, we are responsible for overseeing the construction or renovation of restaurant facilities. Our role involves managing various aspects of the project from start to finish, ensuring that the restaurant owner’s vision is brought to life within budget and on schedule.

  1. Planning and Design: Collaborate with architects, designers, and restaurant owners to develop plans and layouts that meet the restaurant’s functional and aesthetic requirements.
  2. Permitting and Compliance: Securing necessary permits and ensuring compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, health and safety standards, and other legal requirements.
  3. Budgeting & Cost Estimation: Develop detailed cost estimates, create budgets, and manage expenses throughout the construction process to ensure the project stays within financial constraints.
  4. Hiring & Supervising Subcontractors: Select and hire subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and HVAC technicians, and oversee their work to ensure quality and adherence to the project timeline.
  5. Procurement & Materials Management: Source and procure construction materials, equipment, and fixtures, as well as manage inventory and delivery schedules to maintain smooth progress on the project.
  6. Construction Management: Oversee the construction process, coordinating activities on-site, addressing any issues or delays that arise, and ensuring that work is completed according to specifications and timelines.
  7. Quality Control & Inspections: Conduct regular inspections to assess the quality of workmanship and materials, identify any defects or deficiencies, and implement corrective measures as needed.
  8. Communication & Collaboration: Maintaining open communication with the restaurant owner, project team members, subcontractors, and other stakeholders to ensure alignment on project goals, progress updates, and any changes or challenges that arise.

Overall, a commercial restaurant contractor plays a crucial role in bringing restaurant projects to fruition by managing all aspects of the construction process and ensuring that the final result meets the client’s expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. A successful renovation makes work easier for you and your employees, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for your customers. The right remodeling company can complete your restaurant construction on time and under budget so you can go back to making customers happy.

The Benefits Of Design-Build

Specializing in design-build construction means we handle the entire process from restaurant design to completion. So, you will have only one contract, and one cohesive team working for you and minimizing problems and communication errors. Rather than having to follow a traditional method of designing, then bidding, then building, we have simplified the process and cut out the extra hassles. You get an efficient flow from start to finish, with one solid team that is committed to bringing your vision to life.

Restaurant Construction

Your Experienced Restaurant Builder

We build a wide variety of commercial structures, and that includes restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you want a quaint French bistro, or a thriving urban foodie hotspot, we can help you both design and build it. Some of our previous work includes the Sea Harvest Restaurant at Moss Landing and the Phoebe Hearst Cafe in Pacific Grove. We can work with you to build different types of restaurants, such as:

  • Fast Food Establishments
  • Franchises/Chains
  • Fine Dining
  • Buffets
  • Bistros
  • Bakeries
  • Cafes
  • And More

Efficiency Saves Money

While the costs of restaurant construction vary widely by project, our design-build approach is efficient and cost-saving. Commercial building is our business, and we take it and our reputation seriously. We have experts in architectural design, specialty commercial construction, and some of the best LEED consultants in the business. Using sustainable materials and reducing environmental impacts is important to us. Green building can be part of your unique design process when you build with us, and it will save on energy costs in the long run.

Request A Consultation Today

We can’t wait to hear about your restaurant and begin planning your project. At Ausonio in Salinas, we have the skills and vision to bring your concept to fruition. Contact us today to request a restaurant construction consultation. Let’s bring your restaurant from a California dream to California hotspot.

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