Conference & Convention Center Construction

Conference & Convention Center Construction

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Bring conference and convention center projects to life with Ausonio, an award-winning commercial construction company. Our design-build model keeps you as involved as you want to be from start to finish.

We invite you to explore our extensive portfolio and learn more about how we can make building convention centers more efficient and cost-effective.

Building The Dream Venue

The hardest part of building a new convention center used to be securing a prime location that would naturally attract a steady stream of visitors. With the growing popularity of destination conventions, there’s an increasing need for exciting venues that will exceed organizers and attendees’ expectations. We can help you achieve just that.

Effective Conference Center Construction

If anything, a conference center must be an adaptable space. Every event has its unique needs and demands that the organizers will expect your building to deliver. The new center will require places to host small group sessions, keynote presentations, as well as memorable areas like outdoor gardens and small theaters.

Conference &Amp; Convention Center Construction

Convention Centers & Your Community

New convention centers also need to consider how they will fit into their mostly urban communities. Connections to public transportation and underground tunnels leading to neighboring buildings are common design elements.

New centers may also incorporate shopping malls and entertainment venues to draw in locals and add independent revenue streams that will keep the center afloat between events.

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • Hobbyist & Fan Conventions
  • Political Summits
  • Professional Association Congresses
  • Scientific Conferences
  • Technology Expos
  • Trade Shows

Modern Consideration To Meet Expectations

A critical component of a convention center’s success is its technology. Today, convention attendees expect free Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere — the faster, the better. Organizers want the latest audio and visual capabilities to give their attendees the best experience possible.

Go Green

Sustainability is another growing concern for conference centers, both for the environmental benefits and the cost savings. To this end, builders are incorporating a variety of green features into new construction and renovations: LED lighting, efficient HVAC systems, food composting, living roofs, and more.

Benefits Of Building Conference Centers

Convention centers are profitable engines of both tourism and business. With each significant event you host, comes a considerable boost to the local economy as visitors fill hotels, travel through airports, eat in local restaurants, and spend money in local retail stores.

Conference centers also often become landmarks since they’re places where news happens, be it a meeting of scientific minds or a gathering of world leaders.

The Ausonio Advantage

We have a varied portfolio, that proves our architects and general contractors have the specialty skills your new conference center needs. It also demonstrates our team’s ability to creatively apply those skills to the novel challenges building a convention center will pose.

If minimizing your building’s environmental impact is a top priority, our LEED consultants can provide top-notch sustainability guidance throughout the process.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Looking for an experienced California commercial contractor to build your convention center? Contact us at Ausonio today and schedule your consultation. We look forward to learning more about your project.

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