2022 Commercial Construction Project & Technology Trends

2022 Commercial Construction Project & Technology Trends

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At Ausonio Incorporated, our Design-Build team is excited by the cutting-edge construction trends in our industry. As a commercial builder serving Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, we see innovations in construction technologies as positive changes for commercial contractors like us.

Commercial Construction Project & Technology Trends

  • Data Collection Apps which greatly Improve The Construction Process
  • Drones Speeding Up Data Capture
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • 3D Printing Emerging

Data Collection Apps Deliver Efficiency

Remote work has become more of a necessity in recent years due to the pandemic, so collecting data via mobile apps has grown in popularity. Construction management companies moved to put checklists and forms are now available online, and inspections can be performed on mobile devices. Reports and inspections can be customized on a tablet or smartphone, improving efficiency.

A standard practice on Ausonio projects is the use of Procore, a project management software that enables us to track the project in real-time with schedule updates, photos, and document management including streamlining submittals and RFIs. This has boosted productivity, accountability, and the ability for the client to know project status in real-time.

Drones Capture Data Quickly

Drones have now become indispensable construction technology, particularly on large acreage projects. Commercial architects can survey a site faster and cheaper than a ground crew. Drones can get into difficult locations like multi-story buildings or bridges for measurement and inspections. They can also capture high-resolution images, then turn that data into topographical maps and interactive 3D models where needed.

With our drone readily available, we have the capability to track progress and give general overviews of the project, which is especially handy for new build projects where progress can appear most impressive from an aerial view.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Construction technologies like BIM are playing an important role in moving projects forward faster. Various people on a building project can collaborate with the commercial architect in real time by contributing to a model at each stage. The model updates immediately, making the building process more streamlined and efficient.

3D Printing Emerges

Construction trends include 3D printing or fabrication of some materials like concrete blocks on site. Emerging technologies like this still need to ramp up to deliver higher volume in some instances. Recent federal funding will focus resources on this area and help to develop modular panels for roofs and walls from recycled materials used in tilt-up construction.

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The future is looking up for the construction industry and commercial contractor, Ausonio Inc., is proud to provide general contracting and construction management on the Central California coast, and our Design-Build team uses cutting-edge technology to stay out front during construction design.

Contact us today to learn more about the diversity of commercial projects we manage across industries from Agricultural and Industrial to Hospitality and Retail.

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