Agricultural & Farm Construction

Agricultural & Farm Construction

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Ausonio, serving you throughout Monterey County, California, provides agricultural and farm construction services to local farmers, ranchers, and related industries. You might need a larger building to expand egg production capabilities, or maybe it’s time to build a second utility shed. From cow barns to grain storage, you can rely on our contractors and construction crews to create the perfect structure for your agricultural business.

Needs Of Agricultural Construction

New technologies and precision agriculture drive innovation in farm construction. Your buildings must be efficient and economical to adapt to a farmer’s ever-changing needs. Like all of our clients, you need buildings that are durable, compliant, and made of high-quality materials.

Of course, a building you’ll love isn’t just a building that works. You want a building that looks good too. Our designers can show you a variety of exterior finishes we can add to blend your new shed, barn, or stable into the rest of your property.

Agricultural &Amp; Farm Construction

Types Of Agricultural Buildings

No two farmers run their operations in the same way or use identical barns and sheds for the same purposes. Custom designing each structure lets us add components, features, and accessories to fit your specific needs.

Our architects can scale the design up or down to best fit your business and available land.

  • Dairy Facilities
  • Equipment Storage
  • Farm Buildings
  • Grain Storage
  • Seed Storage & Processing
  • Hay Sheds
  • Heated Workshops
  • Livestock Barns
  • Manure Handling Facilities
  • Poultry & Egg Production Facilities
  • Stables & Equestrian Buildings
  • Utility Sheds

Partner With Ausonio

When you partner with Ausonio, our team will work side-by-side with you, joining our ingenuity, expertise, and design experience to your agricultural insights. We’ll design the structure to your crop and processing specifications, and our crews will assemble everything from foundation to roof. The result is the processing facility you want — one that’s beautiful, clean, and efficient.

Our general contractors strive to finish every project on time at the best price. This commitment is key to our success as a construction company. It’s also the heart of our relationship with customers across a range of industries.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Looking for an experienced, local, California farm and agricultural builder? At Ausonio, we’re here to help you in and around the Salinas area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let’s get started on your next project.

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