Waste Management & Materials Recovery Facilities

Waste Management & Materials Recovery Facilities

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Ausonio is a California commercial contractor that serves Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, with experience in building waste management (WM) and materials recovery facilities. How your site is designed, laid out, and built plays an essential part in your business’ safety and efficiency.

Types Of Waste Management Facilities

While some construction best practices apply to all kinds of WM facilities, what works for one may not fit another. Design-build specialists like Ausonio can help ensure that your facility suits your needs and goals and can accommodate future growth. Here are a few types of facilities that Ausonio can help build for you:

  • Materials Recovery Facilities
  • Recycling Centers
  • Solid Waste Facilities
  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • Compost Management Units
  • Mulching Operations
  • Landfill Gas Collection Systems

Evolution Of Waste Management

Waste disposal facilities are no longer merely what they say on the tin. You’re discovering new ways to decrease landfill dependency, increase recycling, and produce renewable energy. As a  general contractor, Ausonio can help you grow efficiently with industry-specific challenges in mind. With Ausonio’s experience in different facilities, notably the Monterey Regional Waste Management Recycle Facility, Ausonio stays up to speed on the best practices to build the ideal facility for you.

Flexibility In Solid Waste Processing

It’s WM 101 to divide incoming materials to prevent cross-pollution. Yet different types of material may arrive in different volumes. Each kind of material should have its own space. But these holding areas don’t need to be uniform in size, shape, or capacity.

Ausonio routinely partners with experienced architects to design flexible holding areas that can adjust to fluctuating tonnages. We believe in assembling the best team of our tried-and-true consultants to make the perfect facility to meet your needs.

Addressing Waste Management Traffic Flow Challenges

It is imperative to discuss the sizes and movement patterns of all vehicles coming onto your property to prevent traffic flow of challenges. Ausonio makes it a priority to assemble a team that has specific knowledge and an intimate understanding of WM facilities. Coupled with our on-staff experienced construction experts, we troubleshoot any potential traffic flow issues that your facility might encounter during design to minimize impacts during construction or when your doors open.

Why Choose Ausonio?

Ausonio has decades of experience constructing all kinds of municipal and industrial projects. Our construction and project managers oversee all aspects of the project: negotiating corporate contracts, communicating with vendors, placing orders with suppliers, etc. We also offer LEED consulting to help you meet all of your green building goals. Ausonio has the knowledge so you can rest easy that your facility will be tailored to fit your exact needs.

Consult With A California General Contractor Today

If you’re looking for a commercial builder in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties, to help with your WM facility, call Ausonio today. Book a consultation with one of our contractors to discuss your operations and project goals.

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