Transportation Terminals

Transportation Terminals

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Ausonio is a commercial construction company that builds transportation terminals near Salinas, California, and the Monterey County area. Whether you’re moving passengers or cargo – traveling by land, sea, or air – you want a space that meets all of your guests’ and employees’ needs.

Our company is also highly experienced in commercial building renovation and expansion. So, we can help you revive small and outdated stations and shipping facilities.

Types Of Transportation Terminals

Every year, more and more people choose to fly over other methods of travel. However, land and sea transportation services are still vital for shipping and short, daily journeys. We understand that transportation stations are not one size fits all. Terminals span a range of sizes, depending on the number of transportation lines they serve and how much daily traffic they experience.

Marinas, for example, contain anywhere from a dozen to several hundred boat slips. Whether your facility is for transporting people or cargo, our architects can design an efficient building with all the features and amenities you need.

Transportation Terminals

Challenges Of Transportation Terminal Construction

From a business perspective, any transportation terminal’s primary goal is to move materials or people safely, efficiently, and at a minimal cost. Major hubs, such as international airports or stations along cross-country railways, also need to establish a sense of place and culture with its interior design to make an excellent first impression on visitors and welcome residents home.

Crowds grow steadily with time and popularity, meaning more wear and tear on your buildings. Our designs can utilize durable yet comfortable surfaces to increase your space’s effectiveness and longevity. We can also integrate digital technologies wherever possible to future-proof your station and provide travelers with world-class amenities.

  • Baggage Handling System
  • Concessions
  • Customs & Border Patrol
  • Federal Inspections & Security Screening Checkpoints
  • Gates & Platforms
  • Information & Display Systems
  • Parking Structures
  • Shuttles, Light Rails & Conveyor Systems
  • Ticket/Check-In Lobby
  • Waiting & Shopping Areas

Benefits Of Working With Ausonio

Airport construction companies face a new set of obstacles as the industry focuses on decarbonization. Our LEED consultants optimize sustainability and devise green solutions at each stage of the design and construction process.

We understand how much business disruptions can hurt our clients, especially an essential business like transportation. Our design-build process will save you time and money by giving you a more precise timeline and cost breakdown early on and reducing construction delays.

Our California general contractors will work with your staff to schedule and stage construction to minimize our impact on your daily operations and keep everyone safe.

California Transportation Terminal Builders

Interested in a new bus terminal, airport, or marina construction project? Contact us at Ausonia, near Salinas, CA, today. Schedule a consultation with our skilled general contracting team. We look forward to bringing your project to life.

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