Manufacturing & Distribution Center Construction

Manufacturing & Distribution Center Construction

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Ausonio builds, renovates, and expands distribution centers, manufacturing, and industrial facilities across California’s Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties. The rise of e-commerce has spurred the development of warehouses that also function as logistics hubs. More industries need fulfillment centers that also provide long-term inventory storage to succeed.

Challenges Of Distribution Center Construction

Transportation access and site security are a couple of issues any commercial construction company must address in an industrial project. Distribution centers add more complicating factors. They require a unique level of expertise from general contractors and their crews.

  • Companies want amenities for employees like full kitchens, dining areas, and indoor and outdoor lounges.
  • You need to determine how much storage you’ll need — now and in the future.
  • Business demands distribution centers be built quickly on strict timelines.
  • You must select a central location between vendors, production facilities, and e-commerce delivery sites.
  • Massive warehouses need strong walls, floors, and roofs to hold the machines and HVAC systems a processing facility requires.
  • Urban warehouses are often created by renovating older buildings.
  • Distribution centers need more insulation than your typical storage building.

The Rise Of Refrigerated Warehouses

The boom of meal kit delivery businesses and online grocery sales has created a surge in cold storage construction. However, adding cold storage requires specialized contractor knowledge. Your warehouse will need a solid roof to hold the heavy-duty cooling equipment and floors to sustain the cooling systems beneath.

Building The Right Construction Management Team

Partnering with an experienced contractor will save you from many construction-related headaches. Commercial architects will help you determine the style, size, and building features that best meet your business needs. Gathering a diverse group of experts around the planning table will ensure that estimates are as precise as possible.

Connect With A California Commercial Contractor Today

Distribution centers are some of the most demanding projects a construction company can take. They depend on long-term partnerships founded on integrity and open communication. If your business is planning a manufacturing or industrial construction project near Salinas, California, schedule a consultation with Ausonio today.

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