5 Reasons To Hire A Design Build Specialist

5 Reasons To Hire A Design Build Specialist

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Hire a design-build specialist for your next construction project, Ausonio is your top choice in the Monterey County, CA area. One of the secrets to our success as a general contractor is the design-build process. We’ve perfected a streamlined project delivery system that saves time and money and creates more transparency through all phases of construction.

What Is A Design-Build Specialist?

With a design-build specialist, the design and construction processes overlap. The process brings architecture, construction expertise, cost estimations, and scheduling into the loop at the earliest stages.

A design-build construction company functions as your one-stop-shop for everything your project might need: permits, material selection, interior design, etc. Many industries can benefit from this type of commercial construction.

  • Community & Government Buildings
  • Office Buildings & Conference Centers
  • Hotels & Multifamily Construction
  • Restaurants, Cafes & Multiuse
  • Schools, Parks & Recreation
  • Manufacturing & Warehouses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Salons & Spas

5 Reasons To Hire A Design Build Specialist

5 Key Benefits For Your California Projects

The key reason the design-build process works so well is that the design is created by the same people who will build it, thus reducing the disconnect between the design, the client’s goals, and the budget. This process lets us optimize construction time. The time saved often translates into lower costs and your project being ready sooner.

  1. We have single-source responsibility and act as your single point of contact for the entire project.
  2. The design-build process has built-in quality assurance measures to ensure a successful build.
  3. Project timelines are optimized, so we finish construction faster.
  4. We provide firm cost breakdowns early.
  5. The design-build process emphasizes teamwork and collaboration between our team, our clients, our clients’ business partners, and other stakeholders.

Challenges In Traditional Commercial Construction

If you decide not to work with a design-build specialist, you’ll need to manage resources and deal individually with the architect, engineer, contractor, and tradespeople. The final piece of construction will likely be a surprise, and you may have to return to the architect for design adjustments (costing more money) so the construction costs stay within budget.

Such changes and the resulting delays can easily lead to finger-pointing between the contractor, architect, and engineer, which leaves unlucky you in the middle of the argument.

Environmentally-Friendly Builders

Ausonio is an experienced green builder, and our design-build team is well-versed in the latest green construction techniques, sustainable materials, and environmentally conscious equipment. Our fully accredited LEED consultants work on the project from the beginning to ensure sustainability and building longevity.

We bring our green expertise to far more than your standard office or retail spaces.

  • Agricultural Storage & Processing Facilities
  • Airport Terminals
  • Auto Dealer Showrooms
  • Industrial Plants
  • Wine Processing Facilities

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Are you looking for a green contractor who specializes in design-build projects in the Salinas, California area? Contact Ausonio today to request your consultation. We look forward to showing you the benefits of our unique, streamlined general contracting techniques.

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