Car Dealership & Automotive Construction

Car Dealership & Automotive Construction

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At Ausonio, near Salinas, California, we specialize in commercial contractor projects like car dealerships and automotive construction. Like the automotive industry, we value precision, innovation, and efficiency. From renovating showrooms and service drives to building brand new repair facilities, there’s no job too big or complicated for us.

  • Car Dealerships
  • Body Shops
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Paint Shops
  • Parts Departments
  • Reception Areas
  • Repair Bays
  • Sales Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Tire Shops

Understanding Your Unique Goals & Challenges

In body shop and car dealership construction, there’s no such thing as universal design. Each facility has its own goals to accomplish, and every site has its unique limitations. However, the ultimate challenge is to create a place where the individual spaces work together to support higher productivity and increase revenue.

Car Dealership &Amp; Automotive Construction

Different Types Of Automotive Construction

For showrooms, you want an attractive, inviting space for customers that’s large and open enough to accommodate them and your display vehicles. Sales and administrative staff need comfortable, private offices where they walk customers through purchases and handle the day-to-day paperwork your business requires.

A body shop needs a clear workflow for your mechanics and a sufficient infrastructure for hose reels, lifts, and exhaust equipment.

Why Choose Ausonio

Car companies thrive on the right mix of tradition, innovation, and creativity. You want a construction company that’s also fueled by inspiration and able to adapt time-saving, budget-friendly conventions to your design. At Ausonio, we’re always searching for ways to use both experience and improvements in our clients’ projects.

The Benefits Of Design Build For Business

One of the secrets to our success is employing a team who can see the project from start to finish — from architects to general contractors. Maintaining single-source responsibility enables constant, streamlined communication between everyone involved in the construction project.

This is how we stay on-schedule and on-budget while minimizing our impact on your business operations.

Your Experienced LEED Construction Team

Environmental responsibility is a significant concern for many of today’s automotive brands. Our LEED consultants can demonstrate how you can show your commitment to the environment with a more sustainable facility design. Smaller, independent shops may also benefit from more energy-efficient buildings if only for the financial savings you will enjoy.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you want to build a new automotive business or renovate your current space, you need an efficient team of experienced commercial construction experts. Contact us at Ausonio today to schedule your consultation.

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