10 Reasons To Hire An Energy Efficient Commercial Contractor

10 Reasons To Hire An Energy Efficient Commercial Contractor

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Green construction for businesses is on the rise. Energy-efficiency protects both the environment and your profits. If you’re in the market to build or renovate a commercial building, you want it to be as eco-friendly as possible. In that case, it’s wise to work with an energy-efficient commercial contractor, like Ausonio. We’ve put together 10 reasons to consider going green with your building practices.

Features Of Energy Efficient Businesses

When people talk about energy efficiency, they often imagine utilizing every drop of water and watt of electricity. While this viewpoint is correct, it’s a simplified picture of the subject. Green contractors renovate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems to work better and last longer.

They can also create a tight thermal envelope around the building. This envelope creates a consistent temperature without raising heating and air conditioning costs.

  • Sealed HVAC System
  • Appliances & Fixtures That Use Less Water & Electricity
  • Thermal Window Coverings
  • Greenery As Shading
  • Extra Insulation, Weatherstripping, & Caulking
  • Plumbing Flow Controls
  • LED & Fluorescent Lighting
  • Renewable Energy Systems, Like Rooftop Solar Panel

Energy Efficient Contractors

Why Hire A LEED Commercial Contractor?

An LEED contractor doesn’t work in a vacuum. Instead, we pay attention to the surroundings to fit your building into them. LEED standards demand that the entire structure be built with energy efficiency in mind.

  1. Green builders can incorporate earth-friendly materials into your facility.
  2. Designers may place windows to maximize sunlight and reduce ambient heat entering the building.
  3. LEED contractors can use green or energy-efficient counterparts for plumbing and electrical systems.
  4. Energy-efficient builders may use construction practices that create less waste.
  5. LEED commercial contractors prepare the land in ways that don’t upset the local ecosystem.
  6. Energy efficiency can protect your commercial building (and bottom line) from rising utility bills.
  7. Improved air quality and consistent temperatures insides makes a more comfortable workplace. A comfortable workplace leads to increased employee productivity.
  8. Eco-friendly buildings often mean increased property value and higher rental and occupancy rates.
  9. Hiring a green construction company can provide a higher return on investment. Commercial energy rebates from your local government may make these returns even greater.
  10. Many employees take pride in being a part of an eco-friendly company.

Energy-Efficient Commercial Contractors In California

Energy efficiency prepares you for the future. An eco-friendly building can impact several areas of your business. Ausonio is proud to offer LEED construction project management to clients in Monterey, San Benito, or Santa Cruz Counties. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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