Student Housing Construction: Tips Concerning the Trends & Challenges

Student Housing Construction: Tips Concerning the Trends & Challenges

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Student housing construction designs and trends are constantly changing, which presents a unique need for a commercial general contractor who keeps up-to-date on all current design styles, codes, and compliances. Ausonio Incorporated’s experience with recently completed projects (Saint Mary’s dorms) and construction managing student housing projects at CSUMB (Promontory) makes us the perfect asset to any University’s project. We understand the importance of staying within budget and remaining on schedule while still providing the best housing possible for students.

These projects can be streamlined by making early decisions relating to:

  • Selection of Materials
  • Design Elements
  • Special Characteristics
  • Installation Procedures

Why Student Housing Is Important

Living on campus contributes to students’ success in several ways. They have greater access to faculty, campus resources, and more peer-to-peer interaction. In designing and constructing popular housing options, these options should be kept in mind:

  • Off-Campus Apartments
  • Dorms
  • Sorority & Fraternity
  • Cooperative
  • Rental Homes

Frequent turnarounds and the number of occupants coming in and out mean that these buildings must be constructed to handle a level of use beyond non-student housing projects. Ausonio is adept at bringing the conversation from 2D plans and specifications, to actual conversations revolving around constructability and value engineering always with the end-user in mind.

Challenges Of Meeting Student & Campus Needs

Whether it’s a dorm construction, a student housing complex, or a single home location, construction management for these projects requires careful consideration. Smart technology is needed in their living facilities as well as throughout the campus. Additionally, installing a smart-enabled automated campus locker system is convenient. Some key package options include:

  • High-speed Internet Outlets
  • Smart Temperature Controls
  • Video-Enabled Intercoms
  • Fitness Centers
  • Security-enabled Entryways & Windows
  • Shared Community Spaces
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Study Spaces
  • Outdoor Amenities

Construction Management Solutions For Student Housing

Having a project management system in place helps both the school and the construction contractors negotiate terms to meet realistic timeline expectations. Discussions about the students’ living facilities needs and preferences should also be included in these solutions. The biggest challenges that student housing builders face involve:

  • Labor Shortages
  • Material Costs & Availability
  • Meeting Timelines
  • Performance Expectations
  • Creating Student-Friendly Spaces

Eco-Friendly Dorms And Colleges

Due to the growing awareness of sustainability in daily life, eco-friendly student housing construction should be considered. Great starting points for minimizing the environmental impact of construction and daily use in housing projects include:

  • Installing Solar Panels
  • Incorporating Natural Elements into the Property
  • Investing in Smart Thermostats & Internal Systems
  • Installing Smart Windows
  • Providing Composting & Recycling Options

Build Or Upgrade Student Housing With Ausonio

If you are in the market for a reliable and reputable commercial contractor for student housing, Ausonio can help. We work closely with educational facilities and local suppliers near Salinas, Monterey County, San Benito County, and Santa Cruz County in California. Contact our representatives today to schedule a consultation.

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