Starting a Retail Build Out? Here’s What You Need To Know

Starting a Retail Build Out? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Opening a retail store is an even riskier proposition than it was decades ago. You have to compete with the internet as well as neighboring malls and stores. A carefully planned commercial build-out that maximizes the in-store shopping experience is one of the smartest investments you can make.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Retail Space Build-Outs
  2. Leverage What You Already Have
  3. Review Your Lease Agreement
  4. Familiarize Yourself With Local Permit & Zoning Requirements

1) Don’t Skimp On Retail Space Build-Outs

A tight budget can lead you to overestimate how much an impactful build-out will cost. You may feel you have to intentionally hold back on your vision, take a minimalist approach, and seek to cut corners wherever you can. However, cheap fixtures and materials undermine your customers’ shopping experience.

Ausonio Inc’s experienced project managers know several tricks to stretch limited dollars without compromising your brand’s reputation or profitability. We evaluate your “Needs” and your “Wants” and value-engineer your budget to maximize what your company needs to maintain the brand image versus fluff value that you can save on without impacting the overall client experience. You’d be surprised how small changes can boost customer satisfaction and provide long-term value.

2) Leverage What You Already Have

Planning a retail build-out is an opportunity to dream big. That’s not bad, yet it’s essential to distinguish between wants and needs. Remember that whatever you put into a build-out stays there when your business moves on.

Ausonio Inc works with reputable commercial architects who will create designs that fit your vision and help you choose materials that keep the project within your budget. If you plan on staying put for a long time, replacing floors and rewiring the shop can make a lot of financial sense. But if a complete makeover isn’t necessary, it’s wiser to invest in more minor cosmetic changes that serve your business’s immediate needs.

3) Review Your Lease Agreement

We’ve often seen our retail clients’ dreams crushed by legal technicalities. Your lease could contain restrictions that will hinder your project. You should review it carefully to determine what options are available and what you’re expected to pay.

Consult with an experienced commercial contractor like Ausonio Inc, early in the process and review your lease together. We can catch terms and wording that you may not understand. Also, talk with your landlord about your ideas and put any agreements into writing.

4) Familiarize Yourself With Local Permit & Zoning Requirements

Building codes establish structural and safety standards. Zoning restrictions bring order to the often fierce competition for land. It’s hard to appreciate their necessity as you run between various government offices trying to wade through all the information they give you.

Luckily, you can leave much of this work in a general contractor’s hands like Ausonio Inc. Building codes and zoning regulations are as much a part of our job as a hammer and screwdriver. We’ll help fill out the proper paperwork and file it at the right place at the right time, so construction won’t get stalled as you wait for permits to be issued.

Schedule Your Consultation With A California Commercial Builder

Any build-out needs fresh design, thoughtful planning, and expert leadership if it wants to succeed. As your commercial general contractor, Ausonio will take the lead in making your retail vision a reality. If your business is moving to San Benito, Santa Cruz, or Monterey County, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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