Commercial Renovations For ADA Compliance

Commercial Renovations For ADA Compliance

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At Ausonio, we can help you ensure that your business properties are accessible for people with disabilities through commercial renovations for ADA compliance in Monterey County, San Benito County, and Santa Cruz County, California. Don’t let oversight exclude potential patrons, customers, or visitors.

We can help you include the adaptive designs that make locations accessible and comply with current laws and regulations.

  • Hardwood, Rubber, Or Ceramic Tile Floors
  • Entry Ramps & Curb Cuts
  • Wheelchair-Friendly Water Fountains
  • Adding Or Improving Handicap Parking
  • Upgrades To Public & Company Bathrooms
  • Automatic & Power-Assisted Doors
  • Signage For Ramps, Elevators

The Importance Of ADA Compliance

The end goal of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is to ensure barrier-free access to public and commercial buildings for all Americans, regardless of ability. In practical terms, the law requires commercial properties to meet a set of minimum accessibility standards.

The standards were designed to make public life easier for people with impaired vision, hearing, mobility, and other disabilities.

Knowing When ADA Compliant Renovations Are Required

Retrofitting a building constructed before 1990 comes with a unique set of challenges. The law mandates that you remove accessibility barriers when it doesn’t cost too much extra effort or money. The industry rule of thumb is to devote a maximum of 20% of your budget to compliance issues.

Even unrelated commercial renovations may require you to make ADA compliant upgrades to a completely different part of the property. It may not make much logical sense to worry about your restrooms when your primary goal is to modernize your reception area. But failing to comply with ADA standards will only hurt your company in the future.

Common Area Accessibility

If the area you’re planning to remodel is a place where most of your business happens, you’ll likely need to adjust your plans according to ADA guidelines. The most common areas the ADA affects are bathrooms, lobbies, exits, and entrances. These regulations also include specific standards for cafeterias, auditoriums, and dressing rooms.

You can find a complete ADA compliance checklist at The government created this list to help business owners understand their legal responsibilities. Navigating through these requirements may be daunting. However, with Ausonio’s extensive knowledge and experience with various ADA projects, we have the ability to advise and provide input on a vast array of situations and offer suggestions at multiple stages of the project in order to mitigate any potential code violations or delays.

Commercial ADA Compliance Is Not One-Size Fits All

Determining how the ADA impacts your renovation project can be tricky. Different businesses have different ways of accommodating their clients’ needs. While a concert hall and a supermarket must both meet accessibility requirements, they’ll likely use different methods to accomplish that.

Ausonio has performed many renovations for different building types and with different agencies overseeing these projects. From schools to hotels, hospitals to historical buildings, with us on your team, we can provide the insight that is not only beneficial to move the project along in a positive direction, but also in a cost-effective manner.

Why Hire An ADA Contractor?

You want a general contractor who can tailor accessibility projects to your business. For an older building, this can mean that ADA issues are addressed over multiple renovation cycles instead of fixing all of them in one go.

ADA guidelines change frequently, but our teams stay on top of these changes, so you don’t have to. Partner with an experienced commercial contractor who can fit ADA upgrades into your construction plans.

Our team can help you determine what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and (if necessary) prioritize which issues should be addressed now and in the future.

If your business is in the Monterey, San Benito, or Santa Cruz County areas, contact Ausonio today to schedule your consultation.

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