Top Tips For Sticking to Construction Schedules

Top Tips For Sticking to Construction Schedules

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So much of your future building depends on the construction schedule, so it’s wise to follow it as closely as possible. You’ve likely heard horror stories of construction projects taking weeks or months longer than initially planned. We’ve compiled a few tips you can follow to increase the odds of your project finishing on time.

  • Make Firm Decisions
  • Pay Close Attention To The Critical Path
  • Hire A Good Contractor
  • Research Available Building Materials
  • Communicate With Your Contractor
  • Review The Work

Make Firm Decisions

The fastest way for a client to derail a build is to change her mind about the scope of the construction project. Blueprints may need to be re-drawn, and work already completed might have to be torn down. You can avoid backtracking and delays by making careful choices at the outset and sticking to them.

Pay Close Attention To The Critical Path

The “critical path” comprises all the tasks that directly impact a construction project’s completion date. Monitoring these tasks closely will determine if the build finishes on time. Knowing what jobs will be done when also helps essential resources arrive at the site right before they are needed.

Hire A Good Contractor

Hiring the right contractor is one of the best ways to ensure construction finishes on time. An experienced general contractor has the expertise to coordinate the schedules of multiple work crews. Paying for construction management services comes with several other benefits too.

  • Cost Analysis
  • Budget Estimation
  • Budget Tracking
  • Risk Analysis

Research Available Building Materials

Changing your mind on what materials to use will also affect the project’s schedule. The new material you want could be on backorder, leading to work stopping for several weeks. Doing thorough research in the planning phase will spare everyone future headaches.

Communicate With Your Contractor

You should keep a line of communication open with your contractor throughout the construction process. An issue may come up that needs to be addressed urgently. Always respond to calls and texts as soon as possible to avoid delaying the project longer than necessary.

Review The Work

You should periodically review the construction work with your contractor. For instance, it’s common to do one of these walkthroughs before drywall is hung, so you can see where power outlets, water faucets, and HVAC vents will be. The best contractors will schedule these at regular points throughout construction.

Schedule Your Consultation With A California Commercial General Contractor

Though your contractor carries sizable responsibility for sticking to the schedule, some of that responsibility also lies with you. The sooner a project is finished, the sooner your business can enjoy your new building. If you’re near Salinas, California, call Ausonio today to schedule a consultation.

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