5 Benefits of Historic Building Restoration

5 Benefits of Historic Building Restoration

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Historic buildings are, in large part, what gives cities and towns their distinct charm. They can connect us to previous generations and remind us of the eras they were built in and the people who may have lived in them. Ausonio Inc. is a commercial contractor committed to preserving and protecting the past through historic building restoration.

Reason For Historical Restoration:

  • Older buildings offer intrinsic value.
  • It lowers establishment costs.
  • It improves sustainability through reuse.
  • Restoration is more cost-effective than rebuilding.
  • Restoring original structures saves time.

What Is Involved?

If you want to reinstate a structure to its original beauty, it’s possible to refresh and add updates without changing the original form. This may include adding modern conveniences, such as efficient HVAC systems and lighting. However, anything visible will replicate the original style to maintain the historic appearance.

Our expertise with historical buildings extends to retail, restaurants, and hospitality. We have completed historical building upgrades at locations such as the Carmel Beach Hotel and Asilomar Conference Grounds, among others. Whatever the constraints are within your historical building, there is a high chance a member of our staff have handled a similar situation and will use their knowledge to mitigate without compromising the integrity of the project.

Who Can Benefit From Preserving Them?

Everyone can benefit! They help us maintain a connection to the past and add charm to local neighborhoods. These venerable structures include landmarks, homes of the rich and famous, and unique architectural wonders which can become museums, hotels, or business headquarters. Repurposing historic buildings can provide gravitas and character—After all, what would our cities look like if all the buildings looked alike and were built at the same time?

They Offer Intrinsic Value

Older buildings are frequently worth more than newly built ones. They often use high-quality materials and have impressive architectural structures. Architecture over 100 years old will likely outlast newer ones constructed with inferior materials. The more history it has, the more cultural value it has, and that’s often something people are willing to pay more to experience.

Can Restored Buildings Have Modern Conveniences?

Absolutely. When you choose a contractor that specializes in historic renovations, you can add plumbing, electricity, updated flooring, and other modern conveniences. It’s essential to work with experienced professionals to avoid damage to important features.

It’s More Cost-Effective

Historic building restoration is cheaper than starting from scratch. In many cases, you won’t have to maintain building codes with changes that would destroy the originality of your historic property. You can also save money on labor, materials, and the energy it takes to power equipment to construct new buildings.

This Also Means Lower Establishment Costs

There are many advantages when it comes to project costs when you preserve a structure that is a century old or more. It costs a lot more to demolish and start from scratch, and a new building won’t have the same history and unique characteristics. Additionally, if you already have a structure in place, there’s no need to worry about zoning requirements, utility connections, or the cost of building a new one.

Restoration Saves Time

If you’re on a tight schedule, you might think it’s easier to tear down an older building. However, you can often fix a few cracks, give an entrance a facelift, and build ADA ramps and other structures without constructing a brand-new one. With a trained and specialized contractor, you can often fully restore a building in a matter of weeks.

It’s A Sustainable Option

Just as we recycle our papers and plastics, we can recycle original structures through historic restoration. Reusing existing buildings saves energy and keeps tons of construction material out of landfills. Historic building preservation is the very model of sustainability and reuse.

Talk To Historic Building Restoration Experts Today

Ausonio Inc. is a commercial contractor with award-winning design specialists and construction engineers. We partner with architects and owners to preserve and protect historic buildings. Contact us today to discuss your historic building restoration project near Castroville, CA. We proudly serve clients in Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, and San Benito County.

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