5 Reasons Smart Buildings Are The Future

5 Reasons Smart Buildings Are The Future

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As technology has evolved, it’s no longer enough for offices to provide desks for employees. They must be smart enough to create an ideal work environment while using energy efficiently. Balancing occupant needs with operating costs is crucial to your California company’s future, and Ausonio is the commercial general contractor who can help you achieve it.

What Makes A Building Smart?

A smart building uses technology to allocate resources efficiently and create a safe, comfortable environment. The system uses a wide range of existing technology and is designed to integrate future developments easily. Currently, the most common arrangement is to use internet of things (IoT) sensors to connect building management systems, like lighting, HVAC, and security.

Optimize Your Workplace

IoT sensors are essential aspects of any smart building. They collect the data used to make decisions about where to distribute resources. For example, if the sensors don’t detect anyone in a room, they signal the lights to turn off, the doors to lock, and revert HVAC to standby mode.

AI-Assisted Maintenance

Proactive smart systems simplify preventative maintenance and make predictive maintenance possible. An AI can learn your building’s normal patterns, then alert your janitorial staff when it detects anomalies. Perhaps your furnace is getting old, and the AI notifies the janitors to solve a heating issue before the furnace even breaks down.

Five Reasons Why Smart Commercial Tenant Improvements Are Good For Your Bottom Line

Building overheads are a considerable cost for any business, so owners are always looking to save money. By integrating and sharing data between multiple systems, smart buildings become greater than the sum of their parts. Sure, they offer energy savings, but they can also reduce overall operating expenses.

  1. Optimize comfort to promote employee productivity and well-being, which translates into increased revenue.
  2. Implement meeting room and desk booking to decrease wasted time.
  3. Take a proactive approach to cleaning, restocking, and maintenance.
  4. Automate HVAC and lighting management, so your facilities team can focus on other tasks.
  5. Analyze patterns around underutilized spaces to reduce real estate and cut costs.

Smart Building Is Green Building

More and more businesses are looking for methods to neutralize their environmental impact. These smart systems help you improve your energy efficiency and cut energy costs. When you take advantage of our LEED consulting services, smart technology is one of the options we’ll discuss to meet your company’s environmental goals.

  • Decrease CO2 & emission levels
  • Improve ventilation
  • Automatically turn off lights & HVAC in unoccupied rooms

Call A California Commercial Builder Today

Smart systems offer many benefits. Though there are still interoperability issues to resolve and data security hurdles to clear, smart buildings have earned their place in America’s commercial future. Ausonio has the experience to coordinate new system integrations to increase the efficiency of your current system with reliable tradespeople. As design and build specialists, we work hand in hand with designers to custom tailor the build to fit your needs.

We have strong partnerships with contractors who specialize in energy efficiency, allowing us to properly guide you down the right path while constructing your new smart building. If you’re near Salinas, California, and want to invest in tenant improvements, call Ausonio and talk with a general contractor today.

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