Top 5 Technology Renovations For Schools & Campuses

Top 5 Technology Renovations For Schools & Campuses

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Count on Ausonio for your next school or campus technology renovation in California. As education moves online and halls become temporarily light on traffic, upgrades and updates are at the top of the list for many Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz area educational facilities. The pandemic has forced school districts nationwide to rethink their buildings’ health safety and tech offerings.

We’ve put together five ways to remodel your campus to better serve your students, faculty, and staff.

Technology Renovation Opportunities

If you are planning to expand or add onto your campus, new construction creates a unique opportunity to build robust internet connectivity capabilities. You can also take advantage of classroom remodeling to implement health, security, and green building solutions that will last for years to come.

  • HEPA Air Cleaners & More Efficient HVAC Systems
  • Upgraded Physical Wiring For Electricity & Data
  • Modern High Speed & Wireless Internet Infrastructure
  • Health & Wellness Tech: Thermal Camera Temperature Screening & No-Touch Hand Washing Stations
  • New Security & Visitor Management Systems: Surveillance Cameras, Metal Detectors, X-Ray Machines, & Entry Control Equipment

Top 5 Technology Renovations For Schools &Amp; Campuses

Tech Upgrades For Today’s Centers Of Learning

School modernization is a topic that covers varied ground: security and infrastructure upgrades, new technologies to increase productivity, and investing in LEED consulting to adopt greener practices, for example. The unexpected shift to remote learning is also highlighting places where many districts can strengthen connectivity and cybersecurity.

Having a general contractor on your side with experience in all the areas you wish to improve makes for successful projects performed on time and on schedule. Leave managing the electricians, green building consultants, IT experts, and healthy space designers to us.


Catching Up To The Cutting Edge

The digital tools today’s students consider essential didn’t exist 60 years ago when most US schools were built. As the demands for bandwidth and wireless connectivity continue to grow, your building’s networking infrastructure must be robust enough to meet it — now and for years to come.

Technological shifts have also paved the way for changes in architectural design. With the rise of laptop computers and smart devices, there’s no longer a need for dedicated computer labs. We can add these same features into classrooms, lecture halls, and even creative spaces.

Top 5 Technology Renovations For Schools &Amp; Campuses

Healthier Schools For Healthy Communities

Healthier environments protect students, instructors, and surrounding communities. Investing in student masks, hand sanitizer stations, and increased staff training are good starts. Construction and remodeling projects allow school districts also to implement hardware solutions. Hands-free handwashing stations, no-touch doors, and wiring for thermal infrared cameras can also supplement and support your efforts.

Start Your School’s Technology Renovation Today

Are you looking for a commercial construction company near Salinas, California, experienced in renovations for education? Our design-build remodeling contractors are experienced in bringing projects to life for k12, universities, graduate campuses, and other educational facilities. Call Ausonio today to learn more and get started.

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