Museum, Visitor Center & Library Construction

Museum, Visitor Center & Library Construction

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For beautifully-designed and thoughtfully built museums, visitor centers, and library construction projects, Ausonio is your California general contractor in the Monterey County area. Something that all of these places share is that they thrive by offering guests something that can’t be found anywhere else.

Whether your mission is to educate out-of-town visitors about your city, inspire learning within your community, or a bit of both, the Ausonio team has the design chops and construction experience to support it with an attractive and functional building.

What You Need From A Museum Builder

Though the site, subject matter, and target audience will each present unique challenges, all museums seek to create an immersive space. Well-designed museums and visitor centers have a way of taking you out of reality for a while and directing your attention to the experience they want you to have.

One of the primary goals of museum construction is aligning the movement of people with how you want visitors to progress through the story your exhibits are telling. By equating physical movement with narrative flow, you and the architect can design a place that gives visitors a cohesive and memorable experience.

Museum, Visitor Center &Amp; Library Construction

What You Need From A Library Builder

The shift from paper books to digital information is causing a change in library construction too. Builders are seizing the opportunity to give more and different spaces to users: wide atriums, semi-private study areas, and reading nooks, quiet rooms, computer labs or tech-enabled desks, etc. An open floor plan gives the library physical flexibility and will make future modifications easy.

What Our Construction Company Can Build

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for libraries, visitor’s centers, and museums. Every visitor center and museum has a unique purpose, requiring an equally unique space. Libraries can vary widely considering the size of the lot, the size of the community you’re serving, and the services you want to provide for your users.

  • Academic Libraries
  • Art Museums
  • Children’s Museums
  • Historical Museums
  • Historic Site Visitor’s Centers
  • Nature Museums
  • Nature Preserve Visitor’s Centers
  • Neighborhood Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Welcome Centers

Why Hire Us?

Visitor’s centers, libraries, and museums demand a multi-disciplinary approach where we draw from expertise gained through past projects in different industries. With our varied portfolio of commercial and municipal projects in multiple fields, you can rest assured that our architects and contractors have several tricks up their sleeves to translate your vision into a beautiful building.

The key to our success is the streamlined construction process we guide all of our clients through. Keeping our architects, general contractors, and LEED consultants in-house means that we consistently finish projects on-time and on-budget.

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