Job Order Contracting

Job Order ContractingAt Ausonio Incorporated, we’re skilled at collaborative, team-driven job order contracting (JOC) so our customers in Salinas, Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties can depend on us for common or routine construction projects. As a commercial construction company that offers commercial repairs and maintenance through JOC contracts, Ausonio is focused on getting your work done in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Our number one concern is partnering with you to provide the service, quality, and price-points you desire.

What Are the Benefits of Securing a Job Order Contract?

Our responsibilities as a JOC company include giving our customers a set price for work that will be done throughout the contract. It’s a reliable and dependable way to make sure that necessary checks, fixes, maintenance, and routine construction projects will be taken care of without further negotiation with contractors. Ausonio takes care of JOC requests on an as-needed basis and we’re also happy to schedule routine work ahead of time. The top advantages of using JOC are:

  • Quick project delivery
  • Standard pricing
  • Price transparency
  • Development of strong working partnerships

How Does Job Order Contracting Work?

Ausonio works hard with each of our customers to come up with a plan that will solve their ongoing needs, leaving room for minor issues that may crop up unexpectedly. Each company’s needs are different, and we will work with you to come up with the best contract inclusions for your particular needs. When we engage with a company for JOC, we typically provide:

  • Standardized costs for specific construction tasks
  • Costs that include maintenance and repair
  • Simplified design documents
  • Top-notch, customized service

When is JOC Used?

It’s important to point out that Ausonio does not offer JOC for large-scale construction projects that are just beginning. It’s best used for smaller construction projects that have clear goals and defined tasks. JOC contracts are perfect for renovation, adjustments, ad-hoc repairs, and general maintenance of facilities and infrastructures. We understand that your needs are unique and we are open to discussing a flexible plan that works for you.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your JOC Needs

We look forward to discussing your needs and how job order contracting can become a win-win solution for you and Ausonio—and how we can form a partnership that will take care of you. We are in Salinas, California, and serve customers in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties. Ausonio Incorporated professionals are awaiting your call—reach out to us today.