Why The Design-Build Method Works

Why The Design-Build Method Works

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For both non-residential construction and commercial renovation, the design-build delivery construction method brings many benefits.

  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Efficient Use Of Time
  • Lower Cost

Ausonio Incorporated relies on this method to make the renovation and building process easy to understand. We handle the project from start to finish to simplify things for you and your business.

What Is Design-Build Delivery Construction?

Design-build delivery is still a relatively new process combining all the commercial construction steps into one company. More than 40 percent of non-residential construction uses the design-build delivery process.

  • Design Your Building
  • Bid Contracts
  • Build The Projects

Save Money In Commercial Construction

You can save money using the design-build delivery process for several reasons.

  • Using one company to design and build.
  • You don’t have to bid out contractors who have to hire sub-contractors.
  • There is no time wasted between the design and building process.
  • Our in-house architect works with your construction manager during the design process to ensure everything is noticed during the costing phase.
  • No contracts between companies to hold up the process.

Quality Projects With Efficient Timing

The design-build process for commercial construction and renovation isn’t faster because we rush. We’re not waiting on contracts, you don’t have to bid out the project, and a construction manager works with the architect. Additional benefits include:

Epic Teamwork

The designer, builder, and project owner work together as a team to complete the owner’s project on budget and on time.

Absolute Accountability

Since the architect and a construction manager work together to plan your project, they are accountable to each other. When you hire separate companies for the design and building process, it’s harder to hold someone accountable for errors, and often, the property owner shoulders the extra cost.


We use licensed designers and builders who work as a team to create your project to your specifications. Our professionals have advanced formal training and years of project experience. Our construction managers also have experience in the design process, so they can have input, making it easier and more accurate.

Owner Involvement

You are an active participant in the design-build delivery process. It avoids being stuck with the low bidder who might significantly underperform and creates a collaborative team between the designers, builders, and your interests. You have one agreement. It also encourages honest and frequent communication, imperative to a successful project.

Elevate Your Project: Team Up With Design-Build Pros

Ausonio Incorporated is a design-build delivery company that builds commercial and non-residential projects. Contact us today to learn more about our process and to discuss your next project.

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