Business Park Builder

Business Park Builder

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To choose an experienced business park builder in Salinas, California, look no further than Ausonio. We have a broad, varied portfolio of commercial projects and satisfied clients spanning multiple industries. Our team has the experience necessary to build a location that’s flexible enough to suit a wide range of tenants. If you want to develop your land for commercial use, contact us today.

What We Can Build

Several businesses sharing the same plot of land comes with many benefits. One of the most important is that natural and energy resources are used more efficiently. These tenant businesses cut down on operating costs while the community enjoys the convenience of having multiple services in one place.

Here are some examples of commercial developments that we can build:

  • Business Centers
  • Business Parks
  • Distribution Centers
  • Multi-Use Shopping Centers
  • Office Suites
  • Technology Parks

Business Park Builder

What Is A Business Center?

In terms of construction, a business center is identical to your typical office building. These multi-floor structures can fit multiple businesses under one roof. It’s space-efficient, which is great for urban areas, but each unit has a condensed floorplan. Start-ups and smaller companies often do well in this kind of space.

About Business Parks

Business parks are office buildings that are clustered together on landscaped grounds. Most tenants are commercial businesses, though some parks cater to companies involved in light industry.

Business parks are often found in suburban areas where it’s more feasible financially to build wider instead of taller. They’re usually built near major roads as well, granting employees, customers, and suppliers easy access to the property.

We Build Office Suites

In between an office building and an office park are office suites. These buildings often resemble townhouses in that every tenant shares a roof, but each unit has its own front door.

Office suites attract a range of professionals, and it’s not uncommon to see different types of businesses as neighbors. A single row may house lawyers, real estate agents, dentists, and accountants.

These businesses, like our dentist example, prefer the efficiency of a single floor layout and street-level access but aren’t big enough to justify a place in a business park.

What’s In A Mixed-Use Shopping Center?

Unlike standard office park construction, mixed-used shopping centers can combine retail, office space, entertainment venues, and convention halls into a single complex. Many mixed-use developments also include hotels and residential apartments.

Outdoor plazas and walkways are integrated into the design to encourage walking or biking within the complex, often with a parking garage nearby or parking spaces around the outside. The concept is a self-contained village where people could live, work, shop, and have fun all in one place.

Your California Business Park Builder

Are you searching for experts in mixed-use development or business park construction in California? Contact us at Ausonio in Salinas and request a consultation today.

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