7 Types Of Infrastructure Projects To Build

7 Types Of Infrastructure Projects To Build

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Infrastructure covers a broad spectrum of services and systems Californians need every day. Since Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November 2021, they’ve sent out over a dozen spending packages to fund new infrastructure construction projects.

Many public agencies and private companies are taking the incentive and hiring infrastructure construction firms to make much-needed repairs.

  1. Ports
  2. Railroads
  3. Public Transit
  4. Water Infrastructure
  5. Airports
  6. Power Plants
  7. Waste Management

With Ausonio’s team of dedicated professionals, both as a General Contractor and Construction Manager, your project can be executed on time and with the most use out of your federal funding.

1) Ports

Many ports along our nation’s coasts and waterways are in sad need of renovation. Congress earmarked half of the funds in this category for the military — the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers — to use in their port infrastructure projects. The other half will go to constructing ferry terminals and projects to reduce truck emissions at ports.

2) Railroads

America’s railroads are often called the pulse of our transportation system. The new bill will fund the nation’s freight and passenger rail line maintenance and upgrades. The passenger category also includes the subways and light rail systems that make getting around our big cities so easy.

3) Public Transit

Mass transit systems are quickly becoming the most sought-after infrastructure construction projects. The reason is that many of these systems are in severe need of expansion and repair. The new bill aims to create new bus routes to make public transportation more accessible to disabled people and senior citizens.

4) Water Infrastructure

Construction projects tied to water infrastructure are in high demand right now. Most of the government spending is going toward updating water distribution networks. Congress dedicated $8 billion specifically to western states to address the ongoing drought.

5) Airports

Congress set aside $25 billion of the new bill for airports. Its primary aim is to renovate deteriorating runways. Airports are also bringing in commercial architects to expand their terminals to meet the growing demand of travelers.

  • Monterey Regional Air District
  • Monterey Airport Terminal Remodel
  • Salinas Airport Terminal
  • Monterey Jet Center

Here are just a few of the airport projects successfully completed by the capable hands of our Ausonio Team:

– Monterey Regional Air District – Construction Management
– Monterey Airport Terminal Remodel – General Contractor
– Salinas Airport Terminal – General Contractor
– Monterey Jet Center – General Contractor

6) Power Plants

Federal spending will primarily fund updates to power grids and cables. The bill also includes money for clean energy innovations and hacking prevention. General contractors can assist in these efforts by building new power plants and renovating existing ones to store more electricity and transmit it more efficiently.

7) Waste Management

Waste management is an often-ignored but no less crucial part of America’s infrastructure. These facilities prevent the spread of diseases by disposing of garbage and sewage and reprocessing water. Construction management must be prudent in following local guidelines to guarantee that trash and wastewater are handled properly and safely.

Listed below are the most recently completed waste management projects completed by our award-winning team:

  • Monterey Regional Waste Management Materials Recovery Facility
  • Carmel Waste Management

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America’s infrastructure has always been vital to the country’s economic growth. Each sector works together to get people, goods, information, and resources where they are needed. If your company or organization is part of the infrastructure of San Benito, Santa Cruz, or Monterey County, California, call Ausonio today to discuss your construction needs.

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